School Life

St. John Neumann Catholic School believes that each student should be nurtured and developed to their fullest potential academically, artistically and most importantly spiritually. We also recognize that each child is blessed with special gifts to be shared with our school family. From the youngest of our students in Prekindergarten to the oldest in middle school, everyone is a valued member of the school community. With these beliefs comes the responsibility of recognizing and nurturing each child’s God given gifts by providing them the opportunities to flourish through their school life experience.

The St. John Neumann Catholic School teachers seek to be life-long learners and find opportunities to explore, examine, discover, and understand the world around them. By making this approach to learning evident in their everyday teachings, they are able to pass this philosophy of learning to their students while promoting a strong interdisciplinary academic curriculum with a process-oriented approach.

Students are given a strong foundation in basic skills along with rich experiences of new concepts in reading and writing, problem-solving, the arts and sciences, and athletics in order to make their learning valid and meaningful. Technology is integrated into all areas of the curriculum as a tool for learning on a daily basis. A love of learning and a thirst for knowledge are evident in everything we do.