2017-2018 Admissions Information



Parent Tours: Please call the school office (305.255.7315) to make an appointment for a personal tour.

School Summer Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to noon.

  • Accepting Admissions Applications
  • Entrance Exam: Applicants for grades 1 through 7 must take an entrance exam
  • Screening: Applicants, grades Pk3 through K must be screened for readiness. Parents are called for an appointment after the application has been processed.
  • Shadow Day: Student applicants for grades 1 – 7 may be asked to spend a shadow day in the classroom as part of the application review

The following is required before the Admissions Committee can consider an applicant’s file complete:

  • Application
  • Application Fee & Screening Fee
  • Original Baptism Certificate for verification
  • Original Birth Certificate for verification
  • Family Commitment Form
  • Most recent Report Card (K-8th)
  • Standardized Test Results (1st through 8th)
  • Original Immunization Record (HRS form 3040 & 680)


  • Parents of ESE students must submit an ESE Application
  • Applications for ESE students must be obtained from the school office. Please call or email vivian.diaz@sjncs.org for more information.
  • All ESE applicants and their parents must be interviewed by the ESE resource specialist

We accept applications from families participating in the State of Florida Step up for Students program.