Mission & Philosophy

The SJNCS Mission

Saint John Neumann Catholic School provides a quality Catholic education, rooted in the Gospel, committed to academic excellence, faith formation, and service to others, developing active community members who model Christianity in both words and actions.

The SJNCS Philosophy

I Believe in One, Holy …

The Catholic School is the cornerstone of the Church’s educational mission. Traditionally, it has blended academic excellence with the development of Catholic morals and spiritual values. Likewise, St. John Neumann Catholic School strives to educate the total child through instruction in religious truth and values, the building and experiencing of community, and in serving others.

It is the aim of our school to integrate religious truths and values with the rest of learning and living in order to achieve academic excellence. These truths are taught and reinforced by prayer, liturgy, Catholic values and formal religious studies. This is achieved in an atmosphere of cooperation between the staff, students and parents.

Stemming from this cooperation, church, civic, and worldwide community will be fostered. It will start with the precious roots of home, be nourished in school and continue to branch out to form a larger community. The spirit of concern, sharing and belonging will be its hallmark.

The integration of religious values and community naturally leads to service to others. The schools will serve by inspiring Catholic commitment and emphasizing social justice. Our vision is to prepare academically excellent Catholic children who will positively serve society.